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Functional and Stylish Design

The Adjustable Desk System enables the table movements to be adjusted according to the needs with the control keys on it. With the smart table leg, you can bring your desk to a standing position whenever you want, while working during the day.

Possibility of Control with Manual Control

Design efficient offices with smart office systems. Thanks to the Metalline Adjustable Desk System, your home and office environment turns into healthy workspaces. Metalline Movable Table offers you the opportunity to adjust your desk height according to your sitting ergonomics in your home and office and to work standing up whenever you want. Thus, you can prevent the harm caused by sitting constantly. You can control the table movements as you wish with your Android and iOS devices via wifi.

Lifting Capacity Up To 160 Kilograms

It is compatible with all kinds of table tops with a lifting capacity of 80 kg per foot and 160 kg in total. It provides comfortable working opportunity thanks to its silent engine. You can move it up/down with its smart remote. With its 3.0 USB Output, it allows you to easily charge your devices.

Adjustable Desk System

Metalline, which offers modern built-in solutions for all your common work areas thanks to its smart table leg, you can bring your desk to a standing position whenever you want while working during the day, thus minimizing these effects.

  • Functional and stylish design
  • Memorized Control Key Options
  • Manual control option
  • Lifting capacity up to 160 kilograms
  • Designed suitable for all standard table tops
  • Safe movement feature

Adjustable Desk System

Thanks to its simple assembly and ease of use, the Metalline® Adjustable Desk System can be installed almost anywhere. Whether on your office furniture, meeting tables or home, school, hospital, etc. It offers safe solutions for all work areas that need various sockets.  

While Metalline creates solutions for sustainable office environments, they focus on people and their needs, creating a productive and communicative environment and respecting nature's limited resources.


Metalline® Adjustable Desk System; is an elegant based solution for all workspaces that need to be consolidated by power, data and multimedia. It ensures almost unlimited flexibility with its modular structure, which offers ease of use in all fields.

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