Metalline® Tower Line
Push-Up-Open Socket System With Piston

Flexible Usage Area

Tower-Line Push-Open Socket System with Piston, allows you to access the modular socket system with a simple touch. With its' simple usage and extremely stylish design, Tower-Line offers you a unique socket experience. Special color and material options are suitable for your architectural concept and personal taste. It has 6 customizable modules. While meeting your needs with its options, It adds a very modern touch on your furniture.

Everywhere in Your Home and Office

Tower-Line Push-Open Socket System meets your power socket needs while in the use. And when it is not in use, it allows you to create a suitable product to your personal taste and your architectural concept with its metallic and soft touch painted cover, black and white acyrlic cover and wood cover and natural or champagne anodized socket profile options. What makes Tower-Line unique is, it could respond all your personal requests. You can use it in your office desk, meeting desk, kitchen counter. Even you can use it in your kitchen cabinets in an inverted position. 

Rich Power Module Options

TOWER-LINE provides integrated solutions to your home and office furniture, to your meeting tables. TOWER-LINE in-desk socket system with push-to-open lid allows you to customize your power modules in order to your needs. POWER SOCKET, USB CHARGER, USB DATA, HDMI, UPS, CAT3, CAT5, CAT6, VGA, etc. You can choose any of these modular ports and create your socket box according to your personal use preference. All power modules we use as Metalline are in accordance with world standards and the necessary certifications have been completed.

Tower-Line - Push-Up-Open Socket System With Piston

Metalline which is offering modern creative solutions for all your collaborative workspaces, thats offers great power socket solutions for workfields that need power. Providing unlimited power and customizable content experience, Metalline provides integrated solutions to your home, office and other living spaces with its Tower-Line models.

Metalline designs, manufactures and develops.

The Metalline ® TOWER-LINE can be installed almost anywhere thanks to its simple installation and ease of use. Whether you need your office furniture, meeting tables, or home, school, hospital, etc. it offers safe solutions for all work areas with various receptacles.  

While Metalline creates solutions for sustainable office environments, they focus on people and their needs, creating a productive and communicative environment and respecting nature's limited resources.


Metalline® Tower-Line - Push-Up-Open Socket System With Piston; is an elegant based solution for all workspaces that need to be consolidated by power, data and multimedia. It ensures almost unlimited flexibility with its modular structure, which offers ease of use in all fields.

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