Corner Socket System

Corner-Line Socket System is specially designed for efficient usage of blind spaces, corner intersections in your kitchen, bathroom, laundry rooms, laboratories, drawers, cabinets and countertops. Anodized or electrostatic powder coated options along with extra accessories such as racks for different usage options will combine aesthetics and efficiency in your spaces.

Corner-Line Shelf

Corner-Line Shelf is the product you are looking for if you want to charge your phone comfortably and protect it from the dangers it may encounter in the kitchen environment while cooking or cleaning in your kitchen. Corner-Line Shelf has been specially designed for you to utilize space and get rid of cable mess while charging your phone in your kitchen, or charging your shaver or electric toothbrush in your bathroom.

Corner-Line Hanger

Corner-Line Hanger is specially designed for you to hang ladles, strainers, towels, bathrobes and similar products in your kitchen and bathroom and save space. Corner-Line Hanger; It is designed for you to hang your frequently used kitchen equipment such as ladle, strainer and colander on your corner socket. Corner-Line will be much more than a socket for you in every area you use.

Corner-Line - Corner Socket System

Metalline which is offering modern creative solutions for all your collaborative workspaces, thats offers great power socket solutions for workfields that need power. Providing unlimited power and customizable content experience, Metalline provides integrated solutions to your home, office and other living spaces with its Corner-Line models.

Metalline designs, manufactures and develops.

The Metalline® CORNER-LINE Lid can be installed almost anywhere thanks to its simple installation and ease of use. Whether you need your office furniture, meeting tables, or home, school, hospital, etc. it offers safe solutions for all work areas with various receptacles.  

While Metalline creates solutions for sustainable office environments, they focus on people and their needs, creating a productive and communicative environment and respecting nature's limited resources.


Metalline® Corner-Line - Corner Socket System; is an elegant based solution for all workspaces that need to be consolidated by power, data and multimedia. It ensures almost unlimited flexibility with its modular structure, which offers ease of use in all fields.

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