Metalline Elektromekanik San. ve Tic. Ltd. Şti.

Today, electromechanics offers various conveniences and visualizations to human life. "Metalline Socket Systems", which sets out with the philosophy of designs that add value as an aesthetic element as well as its purpose of use, that produces to the world-renowned electronic, white goods and furniture companies (OEM).

We have integrated the automotive side industry experiences from the past especially into the quality assurance system. Our products are designed by the “METALLINE DESIGN TEAM” in our R&D department with SOLID-WORKS, 3D MAX and then prototype work is performed. Electrical and mechanical endurance tests are also implemented during the prototype phase. In our 4.500 M2 factory, with our experienced team, machine park and modern installation (digital calibration) line, an average of 85,000 desktop socket sets and 320,000 products are produced annually for the electronics sector.

Our company reaches out to domestic and foreign consumers within the scope of after-sales services with the principle of ‘’ Unconditional Customer Satisfaction ‘’METALLINE contributes to the economy of our country with its investments and aims to take its place in the continuously developing electromechanical sector to the top positions.


Since our establishment as a medium-sized company in 2010, a successful structure has been achieved with our customers, suppliers and employees. Our philosophy as a solid base; 5 main production has been shaped around the idea; to meet the high demands with the quality of our products and services, focused on customer satisfaction to gain confidence, To be able to sign the right projects with international trends, to provide solutions in power management through continuous innovation process, to contribute to the future with energy efficiency by providing maximum environmental protection.


Metalline has a mission to be prepared for all the changes that will make your life easier and to be able to identify your needs before you and provide you with the solutions you are looking for in the age of technology that is constantly evolving. Metalline offers innovative solutions in different combinations to manufacturers and manufacturers with its “desktop cover systems” produced under its own patent with its patented and registered quality approach in all its products. Metalline Socket System aims to take its rightful place in the sector by moving towards “being the best” in its field. With this sense of responsibility, it is our greatest vision to gain the habit of using “desktop socket systems” in all structuring of the sector, to provide energy efficiency by shedding light on the future and to be able to move the quality one step up by thinking about your needs before you.


Metalline, a manufacturer of Desktop Socket and Cover Systems, has a total production area of 1,500 m2, of which 4,500 m2 is closed, and has 55 personnel. All production is carried out in in-house facilities which are continuously configured in parallel with the developing technology.

Socket Production Capacity: 1,250 PCs / Day Cover Production Capacity: 2,450 PCs / Day

Production Lead Time

Domestic Max: 72 Hours / Foreign (Export) Max: 2 Weeks


Metalline Elektromekanik San. ve Tic. Ltd. Şti.
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After sales services

All products manufactured by Metalline, a manufacturer of Desktop Socket and Cover Systems, are provided with free maintanence and service during the warranty period. Metalline performs repair and maintenance services for errors and failures arising from shipment or production without any charge

24/7 Online Support

Metalline Socket Systems enables you to quickly perform all your questions and opinions on the web with its 24/7 online live support team. You can get more detailed information about the products you have requested and previously purchased, and quickly create new orders.