Recessed Socket Systems;

Circular, modern and high quality structure that can create space in every area, creating a special design socket systems.

Recessed Socket Systems;

Plug Socket Systems are produced in compliance with all work desks and are composed of various socket models. The doors are designed and produced in different colors and special designs. It is among the most frequently used receptacle box groups for architects in furniture projects. Provides ease of use in desired areas with its special stainless metal body.

Recessed Socket Systems;

Metalline socket systems provide more practical and safe socket systems with a large production volume and fast supply structure. Metalline, which manufactures in different countries, produces socket systems and covers which are produced exclusively for you, where you can determine different color combinations, length and depth measurements.

Uses of Socket Systems;

Office Furniture, Meeting Tables, Hotel Furniture, Conference Tables, School / University Furniture, Home / Kitchen Furniture and so on. They are specially produced socket systems for various working groups.


Metalline offers the possibility of production in any size desired; is a professional socket and cover manufacturer that allows you to create custom designs and content according to the project in different color groups.



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