Wireless Smart Socket Systems

Product Code MET-WF-01

Wireless Smart Socket Systems; KPS-WF-01 product, Rosh, ISO 9001, TS EN ISO, ts18001 with certificates, Turkey's leading manufacturer of desktop socket systems "Metalline" is produced by. Office furniture, kitchen furniture, meeting tables, etc. In the productions that will make you valuable for your special projects, it is prepared by being customized with content changes, different color options and size changes..

  • Standard
  • Special Depth
  • Custom Width
  • Custom Length
Available in stock Metalline® Desktop Socket Systems and Boxes
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Wireless Smart Socket Systems; KPS-WF-01, her tür ve büyüklükteki projeler için tamamlayıcı, işlevsel ve estetik çözümler sunar. Yenilikçi tasarımları hayata geçirirken, yüksek kaliteli malzemeler kullanmaya ve üst düzey işçilikle çalışma alanlarınıza değer katarak, masaüstü priz ve kapak sistemleri üretir. Mimarlar ve mobilya üreticilerinin ihtiyaçları doğrultusunda tasarlanan yeni nesil akıllı priz sistemleri üretmeye ve geliştirmeye devam etmektedir.

Wireless Smart Socket Systems,EFS Group brands in office furniture, kitchen furniture and other furniture and surfaces can be integrated into the electrical connections produce by Metalline. Metalline products, which aim to end electrical interference in interior spaces with their modern designs, are produced with 100% Turkish design and labor. All products are patented and meet all the needs of the industry by providing mass production with production certificates, warranty certificates..

Wireless Smart Socket Systems Integrated Solutions for Office Furniture Integrated Solutions for Kitchen Furniture Integrated Solutions for Television Stands Integrated Solutions on Other Surfaces

  • Updating..
  • Updating..
  • 2 years product warranty
  • Wireless Smart Socket Systems; Office Furniture, Meeting Tables, Hotel Furniture, Conference Tables, School / University Furniture, Application Furniture, Home / Kitchen Furniture and so on. Suitable for use in areas. Please contact us for your special products.

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