Rotating Socket Systems;

These are modern socket groups which are used operationally in office furniture. It provides more practical and enjoyable working areas by providing solutions to support team spirit for office and meeting work environments. It provides manual and automatic operation.

Rotating Socket Systems;

You can create much more useful working environments in your private projects, in your office and at home. It is an advanced metal body, certified socket system equipment used in it, equipped with advanced technology socket systems. It adds frequency to your tables with perfect harmony of safe and side covers, durability and modern appearance.

Rotating Socket Systems;

Metalline socket systems provide more practical and safe socket systems with a large production volume and fast supply structure. Metalline, which manufactures in different countries, produces socket systems and covers which are produced exclusively for you, where you can determine different color combinations, length and depth measurements.

Rotating Socket Systems;

Office Furniture, Meeting Tables, Hotel Furniture, Conference Tables, School / University Furniture, Home / Kitchen Furniture and so on. They are specially produced socket systems for various working groups.


Metalline offers the possibility of production in any size desired; is a professional socket and cover manufacturer that allows you to create custom designs and content according to the project in different color groups.



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